October gloom: Fog and low clouds greet Tuesday; may repeat tomorrow

Fog and low clouds have surged northward again last night and will make for a rather grey start to Tuesday in many areas of the region.  The worst fog is down across the Missouri Ozarks.

Visible Satellite showing low clouds and fog

Visible Satellite showing low clouds and fog

The fog will lift into an area of low clouds by mid to late morning with those clouds scattering out in western areas by noon.  Eastern areas can expect clouds to linger a good part of the day.

A weak Pacific front has stalled just northwest of the area; this is the front which moved onshore in Washington and the Pacific NW Sunday night with the high winds and heavy rains.  All that remains now is a weak and dry boundary.  Southerly winds on the south side of the front will keep warm air surging northward into the region today with highs in the 80s.  The only areas that will be cooler are those areas which remain locked in with clouds most of the day.  Upper 70s expected in these areas.

Tuesday's weather and high temperatures.

Tuesday’s weather and high temperatures.

The front will lift back northward tonight as another round of fog and low clouds roll northward from the mid south.


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